Saturday, November 16, 2013

Obagi: Week 4

I. Am. LOVIN' IT!!!!!

I really, really do!!! 

This week, my skin is at it's best...though I know the best-est is yet to come. Minimal redness, dewy pale pink (like celebrity skin), and smoother than ever. I am starting to hate putting on makeup. Well, I still do, a pump or two of my Dermalogica moisturizer and a pinch of JewelPOP mineral foundie is perfect already. I tried putting on mineral foundation alone, and the effect is porcelain doll-like, surreal, and too perfect for me to handle. 

I really think that Paula's Choice 8% AHA boosts the effect. It goes well with my routine. I wish I could do the same regimen to my body...but that's gonna cost me a fortune. I mean, I really need to do something now about my body to keep up with my facial skin. Soon, I'll create an effective lightening regimen for arms and legs and I'll share it with ya'll. 

So, till next week! ❤️❤️❤️

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Obagi: Week 3


I'm at week 3 and 1 day to be exact. It's been a tough week for me. In the middle of this week I've experienced the following:

- purging (two tiny zits popped but they're gone in 2 days, thank God)
- dry and tight skin (the corners of my mouth still hurts, i can barely smile, and i had to exert extra effort to wink/close my eyes!)
- shiny tomato.

The skin didn't come off until day 5. I used my Hello Kitty AHA apple gommage to safely rub the skin off. It did a great job! I love it! Also, I've had a little chit chat with Ms Sha of Paula's Choice Philippines and I got something new to add to my daily routine :)

Yay! So this works like Nu Derm's Exfoderm Forte because it's a glycolic based product. I am going to do a separate review on this one after four weeks. So far, I'm loving it. No sting, no irritation, no drama. I was about to purchase the BHA lotion but then I realized that I no longer have pimples. Besides, Obagi and Retin A does the same job of deep skin treatment so I don't really need too much of that. Another thing is, I suspect that I have allergic reaction to salicylic based products but I'm not really sure of that...maybe I just had chicken and tuna at the same time that day, I dunno. Anyway, I am happy with this new addition and I can't wait to see the result after 4 weeks! 

That is all for this week. If you are an Obagi user or if you have questions, please feel free to share your experience or comment below! 

Have a great week ahead! ❤️

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Obagi: Week 2


Week 2 has been very calm. There is not much peeling going on but there's redness, especially on my neck. The best part is after washing my face, the redness goes away for a few minutes and all I see is a lighter, glowing skin. I can't wait to look better. I went out twice and only applied a pinch of my JewelPOP mineral foundation with Dermalogica SPF 30 to conceal redness, it looked dewy, smooth and flawless and it stayed for hours! 

Ugh. I wish I could tell you more that's all for this week. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Obagi Week 1

Hello! It's me again. :)

It's officially my first week using the Nu Derm System. As I have previously mentioned, I've used different products to achieve a clear complexion but unfortunately, they didn't work for me. I can swear by the effectiveness of Differin + Duac combination, it cleared up my worst breakout but didn't do anything to lighten my scars. Then there's this much raved about M2 malic + mandelic acid serum which brightened my face but isn't good enough to prevent me from breaking out nor did lighten my skin.  So, to cut the story short, I wanted a product that works both ways. In this case, Obagi is the best pick.

After a week using the system here's what I've gone through so far:

- larger pores, blackheads are visible. 
- minor purging, didn't annoy me that much since I know that Retin A is doing its job.
- tightened skin on forehead, cheekbones and my delicate skin under the eye. 
- skin is bright, glowing, and much lighter after washing up (now I know how my skin would look like after the redness has gone! Eggzoiting! :D)
- micro peeling (or should I say, scaly snakeskin-like) on some parts of the cheeks and around the corners of my mouth on day 6
- some dark spots have lightened
- pink face the entire week. Can't wait for some major peeling to occur.

I am not expecting much drastic results on my second week. I'm actually nervous about what's gonna take place on the 3rd and 4th. According to other users, thats when most people give up, because thats where the pain starts. I'm not giving up though, I've been burned a lot of Those users who survived those weeks are also encouraging others not to give up, as there is no smooth journey to beauty. 

See you again next week! Hope to hear from you! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Finally Obagi!

After more than a decade of trying to combat acne and acne scars, I've finally decided to join the Obagi bandwagon. I was very hesitant at first because I am very sensitive to any peeling products. In fact, I did burn my skin a lot of times with glycolic and hydroquinone. However, before I jump into this Obagi thing, I did an extensive research and found out that yes, it's going to be a rough journey but the failure rate is very low. I have very dull skin with acne scars on my cheeks and chin. A few months ago, I've used glycolic creams and this very much raved about Skinmate Shark Oil (which does nothing but burn my skin). So, without further blah-blah's lemme show you what I've got:

I was advised to use 1% Tretinoin but I was like, NO WAY! I know my skin won't tolerate such aggressive approach, so I bought .5% to start with, and will gradually increase the dosage later on. 

No, this is not going to be just a product review. I will keep you posted on any updates, observation, and of course, rants during this journey. I will also not recommend any sellers on this site since most of these products are RX and I suggest you consult your dermatologist before investing on these.

Here's my routine:

Foaming gel
C serum
Spf 30 (only when I need to go out)

Foaming gel
Blender + tret

If you would notice, I do not use any moisturizers because it will just slow down the peeling process. I apply sunblock 30 mins before going out to make sure it's fully absorbed by the skin. The sunblock I'm using stings like hell. Blender doesnt do that to me! Ugh. I also apply lipbalm on my lips before I start the regimen to avoid getting the product into it. 

I am on my day 5 and I am patrick starfish. Skin feels tight. Peeling on my chin and corners of my mouth. Cheeks are slightly wrinkled. I haven't seen my pores this big in my entire life. The barely visible spots are now for everyone to notice. I am now getting weird stares from my neighbors. 

I don't have the guts yet to post my baseline picture. Thanks for not asking. 😊

They say that this process takes 18 weeks before you get satisfactory results. Oh well, I still got 17 to go.

See ya later!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara Review

Hello! I'm back with another quick review. Been very busy these past few days working on my boxes for JewelPOP! Cosmetics, check it out:

So cute, aren't they? :)
Finally, I have extra time to share this review. Maybelline is one of my best bet when it comes to mascaras. They make the best ones. Great Lash, Define-a-Lash, Volume Express Series (Colossal, the Magnum, the Falsies) to name a few. If you're on looking for something more affordable, try Hyper Curl.

Another Volume Express baby, this is being sold at Maybelline counters for only Php299. It's waterproof, try sleeping with your 'scaras on, I swear, you'll never look like a raccoon in the morning. It works wonderfully for outdoors especially right now, summer is scorching, we tend to skip some parts of our everyday makeup routine and that includes mascara, because we definitely wouldn't want black smudges from undereye sweat. The wand doesn't come with a fancy brush, just the regular one, but it works just as amazing as Great Lash. I have thin and short lashes, I am not expecting this product to work like magic, all i need is waterproof with extra volume and hold (when curling my lashes). If you're aiming for a dramatic result, this may not be the one you're looking for. But if you want an everyday mascara,  I am happy to say that Hyper Curl will meet your expectation. :)

before and after

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eyebrow Pencils Face-Off: K-Palette vs Kose Cosmagic

I love Japanese beauty products, because of their high quality and cute packaging. You'll probably see more posts about those in this blog soon since I have so many of them at home.

Today I am going to compare two eyebrow pencils namely, K-Palette Lasting 2way Eyebrow and Kose Cosmagic Lock On Brow. Kose and K-Palette are two of the most popular makeup and skincare brands in Japan.

I have been using these for months already, so I no longer have the original packaging. If you wanna check out how the look like when boxed, just click on the hyperlinks above.

K-Palette Lasting 2way Eyebrow is available locally at Beauty Bar. The price is more or less Php1000. if you're planning to pick up one at the store, be very keen at the packaging details. The eyeliner and eyebrow pencil boxes look almost the same, there is a great chance that you'll pick the wrong thing. Make sure it says 'lasting 2way eyebrow' on the right side of the package.
Moving on, this two-way pencil allows you to choose between powder or liquid.  Or you can use both for a better lasting effect. I have this in Chocolate brown (01). The liquid is best to fill in the gaps between the brow strands, or to outline your desired shape. Then you can finish off by smudging powder using the built-in applicator. I find it a bit hard to use, though. Especially for beginners, you might end up having an uneven pair. And this is too expensive to waste with too much trial and error.

On the other hand, Kose Cosmagic Lock On Brow is a bit hard to find but you can always shop at Global Rakuten, which offers the lowest price on Japanese beauty products online. This is a chisel-point retractable pen. I have this in BR01 (medium brown).

 At first, I thought this was useless because I was trying to swatch this on the back of my hand and I can barely see the color. But when I tried it on my brows, it worked like magic. It's so easy to apply too. I recommend this for beginners, very easy to use and does not break easily like regular pencils.

Here are some pictures I took using both pencils. I used Cosmagic on the left and K-Palette on the right.
You'll notice that K-Palette is darker, you can easily tell that my brows were drawn on. While Cosmagic looks only like a naturally groomed eyebrow, right? I love it because of it's subtle tone.

Let's take a closer look:

My brows using Cosmagic looks more natural and effortless due to the ease of use. While the other brow with K-Palette is darker and more defined, I would opt to use this on my evening makeup looks or maybe only during special events.

If I were to choose which of these two would I like to have again in the future, of course, it's Cosmagic. :)
Rakuten Ichiba Japan is the largest shopping site in Japan, with thousands of merchants and millions of products.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: Rosette Hello Kitty Apple Gommage and Collagen Facial Wash

Hello dearies! Today's post is a quick review about Rosette's Hello Kitty Apple Gommage and Collagen Facial Wash. I got these goodies from my aunt who lives in Japan. I love anything Hello Kitty, don't you? :) A 120gram tube is good for 3 months, maybe? I haven't finished mine, so I couldn't exactly tell. You can get a tube at a price range of Php300 to Php600 at some other shopping portals but at Global Rakuten, you can get these for as low as Php168.  Check out the current price by clicking on the hyperlinks above.

These babies look really cute....and serious.

My brother also received the black tube, another Hello Kitty facial wash with strong mint, would he use it? Nah, hahahaha! Anyway, I originally asked my aunt to send me Aqua Cure, and she bought me 2 tubes of Gommage. It works like Aqua Cure, a gel exfoliant that strips off the dead skin layer by rubbing the gel onto skin like this:

After exfoliating, your skin feels clean, refreshed, and a little dry. You need to apply moisturizer afterwards. Please note, that you cannot use this more than twice a week otherwise it will completely dry out your skin. It has AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) an ingredient that has the ability to loosed dead skin cells, and reduces acne. This is a cheaper alternative to uber raved Aqua Cure, which costs about Php1000.

The collagen facial was is foamy, you would only need a small amount to work into a lather. It contains marine collagen which has antioxidant properties to prevent sun damage and aging. This, however, isn't as great as you expect. It can deeply cleanse your skin but the skin feels dry afterwards. How dry? Try running your fingers on your underarm after applying a deodorant. That DRY. So again, you need to moisturize.

I do not suggest you use them together. Because dry + dry = dry. :)) Alternate these two.

I would also like you to try this natural recipe that I just did earlier to exfoliate my skin. I loved it and I am sure you will, too! Plus, it will leave your skin glowing and moisturized.

You'll need:

1 teaspoon honey
1 pc Calamansi or a few drops of Lemon
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon sunflower oil (Try Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil)
a few drops of argan oil is optional (I'm using Snoe Beauty Oil for All)

Mix them together and apply on skin, carefully massage, leave on for a minute or two and rinse off.  Your skin will instantly glow. Feels really soft too!

Try it and feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment below. :) Till next time! :-*