Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Clarins Le Rouge Pearl Lipstick

Last item from my Clarins Haul would be the two Le Rouge Pearl Lipsticks that I bought at Php150 each from the same colleague I mentioned in my previous posts. I picked shades 222 and 227. There's two more I bought which I gave to my mom. I find the colors dull when applied. I appear to have a smoker's lips whenever I wear this. Or maybe I didn't pick the right shades again (due to panick buying...LOL). It's not sticky but it dries my lips in no time. It does stay long but since I didnt like the shade, I don't keep it long enough on my lips.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Clarins True Radiance Liquid Foundation

I have three sample bottles in 09 - Capuccino, 07 - Tender Ivory, and 05 - Shell for Php 100 each. I like mixing the colors. At first i thought it's too light on me (I'm NC30-35) but after half an hour it adjusts to my tone. I like the scent too! You can tell it's Clarins. Coverage is light to medium. Never heavy on the skin. It is true that it make your skin radiant, not oily. It never broke me out. Works well with my Maybelline Clear Smooth 2-Way Foundation. I regret not buying more of this product.

Clarins Express Compact Foundation Wet/ Dry

From my Clarins haul, I got two of these items in different shades. Shown on photo is #10.5 Warm Beige. The other shade i have is #09 Caramel Beige. I didn't pick the right shades I guess, because i find them too dark and reddish for me. I use them on summer days when i'm in the mood for a tanned look. Nothing much to say, just read my quick review below:

What I like about it:
  • matte and velvety texture
  • medium to full coverage
  • no need to touch up my T-Zone area because it's lasting.
  • never broke me out
  • it has a nice scent
What I hate:
  • if u apply too much, your face would look uneven and patchy. in other words, dirty.
  • gets darker after a few hours.
  • feels heavy on skin

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Clarins Multi Blush Cream Compact

I don't have much to say about this blush. It's expensive but does nothing special. It doesn't last. It's hard to blend and feels heavy/cakey. I won't recommend it.
Shade: #10 Lichee

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Clarins Eye Quad in Les Chics / So Chic

I am NOT an eyeshadow junkie. My eyes are small and the creases are barely visible. I bought this one for the sake of having at least a palette of eyeshadow in my caboodle. I know how to put them on (the Michelle Phan way, lol), but I'd rather use them on special occasions. This eyeshadow is just what I needed. My fave shades are all here since I only go for a smokey-eye look. Oh, did I forget to mention that I bought this for Php200? Yes, from a colleague of mine who sells Clarins products from Italy. It's expensive in Clarins counters, I know. But I just got lucky *grins*. Anyway, here's more of what I can say about this "TREASURE":

What i like about it:
  • high-pigmented and deep.
  • the white one is 'the perfect shimmer', not glittery. (tip: if u wanna look like a goddess, put a very tiny dot and blend from the inner corner of your eyes to your lower lids)
  • doesn't fade/smudge, lasts the whole day (or longer)
  • grey/sliver taupe is perfect too, not messy or dirty.
  • the only shades that compliments my skintone are all here. Here's a close up (and more precise) pic of the shades:

What i hate:
  • limited edition, darling. :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Clarins Waterproof Eyeliner

From the same person i bought the glosses from, I also got two of these eyeliners. Black and Aqua. I like the packaging and there's a built-in smudger at the bottom. I don't know how to use the smudger, I never smudge my eyeliners (well, I've tried once and I look wasted instead of HOT..). Again, it's Php200 each. :)

What i like about it:
  • very, very rich and deep color.
  • easy to glide
  • packaging, of course
  • long-wearing
What i hate:
  • waterproof? not.
  • not a good lower lid liner, it smudges :'(
  • too soft, it breaks easily, i had to carry a sharpener all the time.

Clarins Gloss Appeal

Hi! So a colleague of mine brought a big bag of Clarins from Italy. She sold each piece for Php200 each. YES, Two Hundred Pesos EACH. I know you'd hate me. It's definitely a STEAL. Panick buying I was, I bought all the shades you see on the pic above except the clear and the lightest pink (it's actually more lavender-ish in person)on the far right. Who wouldn't buy more than one?! If these would be sold in Rustan's I bet it would cost a thousand or more.

What i like about it:
  • Glossier than lipglass.
  • Sweet
  • non-greasy/sticky
  • heals dry, chapped lips
  • posh packaging
  • tube size is larger than any other glosses and it contains a LOT of product enough to use for a year (depending on how often you swipe, of course!).
What i dont like:
  • none :)

I also bought two of Lip Quench tubes and they work pretty much the same: