Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Clarins Waterproof Eyeliner

From the same person i bought the glosses from, I also got two of these eyeliners. Black and Aqua. I like the packaging and there's a built-in smudger at the bottom. I don't know how to use the smudger, I never smudge my eyeliners (well, I've tried once and I look wasted instead of HOT..). Again, it's Php200 each. :)

What i like about it:
  • very, very rich and deep color.
  • easy to glide
  • packaging, of course
  • long-wearing
What i hate:
  • waterproof? not.
  • not a good lower lid liner, it smudges :'(
  • too soft, it breaks easily, i had to carry a sharpener all the time.

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