Sunday, December 25, 2011


I don't really need to write a review bout this since the rave is everywhere in youtube. I just wanna let you know that...YAY!!! Finally! Whew! I got hold of these! Been wanting to have these since I started doing nail art. Buying these online would surely cost you a lot. I went to Market! Market! and searched for the LA Colors booth, and WAS I ECSTATIC when I found these on the racks! It's Php60 each, shades are limited so get as many as you can. :)


Stylish By Nature said...

Nice !!

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Chari T. said...

I love all the colors!!!! Daaang hahaha so cute. You have such a nice blog!! xx Forever Nineteen

ELLE said...

nice! followed your blog, hope u could follow mine. xx