Friday, March 29, 2013

Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara Review

Hello! I'm back with another quick review. Been very busy these past few days working on my boxes for JewelPOP! Cosmetics, check it out:

So cute, aren't they? :)
Finally, I have extra time to share this review. Maybelline is one of my best bet when it comes to mascaras. They make the best ones. Great Lash, Define-a-Lash, Volume Express Series (Colossal, the Magnum, the Falsies) to name a few. If you're on looking for something more affordable, try Hyper Curl.

Another Volume Express baby, this is being sold at Maybelline counters for only Php299. It's waterproof, try sleeping with your 'scaras on, I swear, you'll never look like a raccoon in the morning. It works wonderfully for outdoors especially right now, summer is scorching, we tend to skip some parts of our everyday makeup routine and that includes mascara, because we definitely wouldn't want black smudges from undereye sweat. The wand doesn't come with a fancy brush, just the regular one, but it works just as amazing as Great Lash. I have thin and short lashes, I am not expecting this product to work like magic, all i need is waterproof with extra volume and hold (when curling my lashes). If you're aiming for a dramatic result, this may not be the one you're looking for. But if you want an everyday mascara,  I am happy to say that Hyper Curl will meet your expectation. :)

before and after

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eyebrow Pencils Face-Off: K-Palette vs Kose Cosmagic

I love Japanese beauty products, because of their high quality and cute packaging. You'll probably see more posts about those in this blog soon since I have so many of them at home.

Today I am going to compare two eyebrow pencils namely, K-Palette Lasting 2way Eyebrow and Kose Cosmagic Lock On Brow. Kose and K-Palette are two of the most popular makeup and skincare brands in Japan.

I have been using these for months already, so I no longer have the original packaging. If you wanna check out how the look like when boxed, just click on the hyperlinks above.

K-Palette Lasting 2way Eyebrow is available locally at Beauty Bar. The price is more or less Php1000. if you're planning to pick up one at the store, be very keen at the packaging details. The eyeliner and eyebrow pencil boxes look almost the same, there is a great chance that you'll pick the wrong thing. Make sure it says 'lasting 2way eyebrow' on the right side of the package.
Moving on, this two-way pencil allows you to choose between powder or liquid.  Or you can use both for a better lasting effect. I have this in Chocolate brown (01). The liquid is best to fill in the gaps between the brow strands, or to outline your desired shape. Then you can finish off by smudging powder using the built-in applicator. I find it a bit hard to use, though. Especially for beginners, you might end up having an uneven pair. And this is too expensive to waste with too much trial and error.

On the other hand, Kose Cosmagic Lock On Brow is a bit hard to find but you can always shop at Global Rakuten, which offers the lowest price on Japanese beauty products online. This is a chisel-point retractable pen. I have this in BR01 (medium brown).

 At first, I thought this was useless because I was trying to swatch this on the back of my hand and I can barely see the color. But when I tried it on my brows, it worked like magic. It's so easy to apply too. I recommend this for beginners, very easy to use and does not break easily like regular pencils.

Here are some pictures I took using both pencils. I used Cosmagic on the left and K-Palette on the right.
You'll notice that K-Palette is darker, you can easily tell that my brows were drawn on. While Cosmagic looks only like a naturally groomed eyebrow, right? I love it because of it's subtle tone.

Let's take a closer look:

My brows using Cosmagic looks more natural and effortless due to the ease of use. While the other brow with K-Palette is darker and more defined, I would opt to use this on my evening makeup looks or maybe only during special events.

If I were to choose which of these two would I like to have again in the future, of course, it's Cosmagic. :)
Rakuten Ichiba Japan is the largest shopping site in Japan, with thousands of merchants and millions of products.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: Rosette Hello Kitty Apple Gommage and Collagen Facial Wash

Hello dearies! Today's post is a quick review about Rosette's Hello Kitty Apple Gommage and Collagen Facial Wash. I got these goodies from my aunt who lives in Japan. I love anything Hello Kitty, don't you? :) A 120gram tube is good for 3 months, maybe? I haven't finished mine, so I couldn't exactly tell. You can get a tube at a price range of Php300 to Php600 at some other shopping portals but at Global Rakuten, you can get these for as low as Php168.  Check out the current price by clicking on the hyperlinks above.

These babies look really cute....and serious.

My brother also received the black tube, another Hello Kitty facial wash with strong mint, would he use it? Nah, hahahaha! Anyway, I originally asked my aunt to send me Aqua Cure, and she bought me 2 tubes of Gommage. It works like Aqua Cure, a gel exfoliant that strips off the dead skin layer by rubbing the gel onto skin like this:

After exfoliating, your skin feels clean, refreshed, and a little dry. You need to apply moisturizer afterwards. Please note, that you cannot use this more than twice a week otherwise it will completely dry out your skin. It has AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) an ingredient that has the ability to loosed dead skin cells, and reduces acne. This is a cheaper alternative to uber raved Aqua Cure, which costs about Php1000.

The collagen facial was is foamy, you would only need a small amount to work into a lather. It contains marine collagen which has antioxidant properties to prevent sun damage and aging. This, however, isn't as great as you expect. It can deeply cleanse your skin but the skin feels dry afterwards. How dry? Try running your fingers on your underarm after applying a deodorant. That DRY. So again, you need to moisturize.

I do not suggest you use them together. Because dry + dry = dry. :)) Alternate these two.

I would also like you to try this natural recipe that I just did earlier to exfoliate my skin. I loved it and I am sure you will, too! Plus, it will leave your skin glowing and moisturized.

You'll need:

1 teaspoon honey
1 pc Calamansi or a few drops of Lemon
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon sunflower oil (Try Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil)
a few drops of argan oil is optional (I'm using Snoe Beauty Oil for All)

Mix them together and apply on skin, carefully massage, leave on for a minute or two and rinse off.  Your skin will instantly glow. Feels really soft too!

Try it and feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment below. :) Till next time! :-*

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review: ELF 32 Piece Cool Eyeshadow Palette

I bought this palette last December at Crossings Department Store in Quezon City. Back then, I just swatched a few shades out of curiosity. I never liked buying huge palettes because there are only few colors that usually works for me. But then again, the budding makeup artist in me encouraged me to buy starter palettes like this. I was torn between the warm palette and this, but since I was so eager to learn blending colors, I picked this instead.

This 32 shade palette has a combination of pastels and brights. It comes with an applicator which, ugh, I'm telling you, you need to buy a good set of brushes, check this out:

The mirror is too short and wide, which was probably made 'for your eyes only' :)) And the applicator pan is spacious enough to store 2-3 slim eyeshadow brushes. Moving along, here a closer look on the shades:

Some colors have matte texture, and some are satin. Not all colors are highly pigmented but you can work it by adding on extra layers. Better yet, use a primer or base to make the colors pop. The pictures I'm going to show you are swatches I did for each row.

The colors may slightly vary in actual, especially the 3rd row.  These were applied without base or primer, so you can see how they look on bare skin. These would look even better with primer.

I do not regret buying this palette at all. If you would ask me to rate this, I'd give 8 out of 10. It may not be the best or the most pigmented, but it is definitely worth checking out!  Just be careful not to drop it. :)

Not sure if this cool edition is still available, since this is part of their Spring 2012 Warm and Cool collection. But you can always check out their Endless Eyes limited edition collection. Here are some of them:

e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palee.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Pale
e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palee.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Pale
e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palee.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Pale

Friday, March 15, 2013

STEAL: Jewel Eyeshadows from Daiso Japan

Hi fellas! I'm back with another STEAL! I have 4 mini palettes to show you. These were sent to me by my aunt who lives in Japan, she bought these at Daiso (it's like Dollar Stores in US). I've heard that these are also available in Saizen, though I haven't seen one during my last visit at their Robinson's Ermita store.

 These are the sets I used to play with while I was still trying to learn eyeshadow techniques. They're cheap but they won't fail you. Great for everyday use or for starters.All these palettes come with a white and cream shimmery shades. I provided swatches below to show you how pigmented these colors are, with or without primer.  

 See, it's the same with or without primer. You can only tell by application, with primer, the eyeshadow glides easily and color was achieved by just a single stroke. On the other hand, applying this without primer, you need to brush the color twice to get the same result. :)

If you are a beginner, you don't need to jump into the high end bandwagon right away. You can start with local brands or cheaper brands that are high in quality. After all, its how you carry it. People can't tell what makeup brand you're using, unless the logo is written all over your face *LOL*. It is wise to try out samples or testers, or to buy dupes like these little wonders I have. :)
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Simply Stunning

A couple of days ago I created a look that would make you look stunning and fresh, wearable day or night, and could go with any outfit. You wouldn't need too many tools and makeup to achieve this. Check out what I've used on the pic below:

for my eyes: Maybelline Lasting Gel Liner (black), K-Palette One Day Tattoo (i used the brow powder), LA Colors Black Eye/Brow Liner, Quiaoer eyeliner (silver), Estee Lauder Double Wear mascara (black), Coastal Scents Eyeshadow (shimmery cream) for my face: JewelPOP! One Step Mineral Foundation in Light Olive, JewelPOP! Awww So Pretty - Summer in BL03, MAC Irridescent Powder (Shadow Dusk) for my lips: JewelPOP! Viva La Balm in Milk Tea

a closer look at the eyeshadow I've used

JewelPOP! Products can be purchased at
I used a lighter foundation shade for this makeup look to make my eyes become more noticeable. The shade I normally use is Honey Beige. I never felt the need to apply foundation or concealer anymore because this foundation's coverage is buildable. I can brush extra on those areas that needs to be concealed, but won't make your face cakey or patchy or feel heavy. And it's long lasting, you don't have to frequently retouch. That's what i love about my foundation. Anyway, nuff advertising, haha! I applied a thin line of LA Colors eye/brow liner on my brows and blended away using K-Palette brow powder (it has a built-in smudging brush) to make my brows look natural instead of drawn-on. Then I applied eyeshadow from the inner corner of my eyes to the middle of my lids. Do the cat eye after that. Check out youtube if you don't know how ;)) I made a thicker lower line to add more drama. I used Quiaoer silver liner on my tear lines because I couldnt find my white eyeliner. Quiaoer makes some good eyeliners huh? Well, it depends on what you pick. It's very cheap too, you can get that for as low as php10. I bought different colors and all of them are nice :) I just thought I could try some, hehe. Moving on, I applied mascara before I put on my falsies, which is optional (though it looks better with it). Contoured my face using JewelPOP! Awww so pretty! - Summer in BL03, a pinkish brown mineral bronzer, dotted a little MAC Irridescent powder on my cheeckbones then brushed them away for a subtle shimmer. Finished off with JewelPOP Viva La Balm in Milk Tea. So there....steal this look, wear your best outfit, go out and have fun! :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A quick review on concealers

Concealers have been a primary staple in my daily makeup routine until I discovered mineral makeup. I used to apply them to hide my acne scars and skin discoloration. I no longer use them now, but I still wanna share this information to you, in case you wanted to try any of them.

L'Oreal True Match Concealer
(my rating: 6 out of 10)

L'Oreal's been one of my fave brands and some of their products even became my holy grail. I bought this concealer in the shade of "deep". It does conceal my dark scars but it doesn't last. I'd still have to reapply several times a day to hide my imperfection. I completely avoided touching my face to prevent this from fading off. But it really does disappear by itself.

Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer
(my rating: 4 out of 10)

I decided to try this because I've been seeing a lot of youtube gurus using this, some even claims it's their HG. I bought the entire set of Maybelline Mineral Power and this was included. I love the shade, it matches my olive skin tone, but the concealing power isnt there. I. Don't. Know. I mean, I don't understand why many people love it. It just doesnt work for me. The coverage is like a tinted moisturizer. I'm not exaggerating here. 

ELF Tone Correcting Concealer
(my rating: 2 out of 10)

Sorry, I know some of you are huge fans of ELF. I've tried a lot of ther products and some of them are great! This concealer is ugh, sorry to say, NOT a concealer. It's more like an fruity-scented beige tinted lip gloss. Worse than Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer. If this works for you, good! If you wanna give it a try, grab the tester first. 

Maybelline Cover Stick
(rating: 6 out of 10)

I like how it conceals my dark circles, but not my dark spots, it highlights them more. The shade isn't's gonna make your concealed spots 'Caladryl-ed', hehe, y'know what I mean? But don't hesitate to try it under your eyes, it's meant to be there.

Hanskin Magic BB Concealer
(my rating: 9 out of 10)

This one's almost perfect. If only they have a shade that matches mine. I apply this under my eyes. It's very pigmented, a tiny amount can cover all you wanted to hide. It has a matte finish and sets easily, and it long lasting. It doesnt melt, even on humid days. I LOVE IT. It's kinda pricey though, but I would love to have this again.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer
(my rating: 8 out of 10)

Hehe, I guess you could say that I never learned my lesson. I keep on buying and trying Maybelline stuff. But hey, I love their eye products! This concealer is one of their best, so far. It's long lasting and it really does its job. One thing I hate: It's too harsh to use under my eyes, even the tiniest amount could send me to tears all day. :(

Becca Dual Coverage Compact Concealer
(my rating: 9 out of 10)

My hooooly grail! Becca is one of my fave high end brands. This concealer is everything a concealer should be. If you love Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage, you'll love this too! It's creamy and it sets quickly, doesnt fade nor disappear, it lasts all day. I rated it 9 because its pricey.

Benefit You're Bluffing!
(my rating: 3 out of 10)

 I like the yellow-ness of this stick but it does nothing, really! It's supposed to hide skin redness but it's too sheer to the job. 

Naturactor Cover Face 
(my rating: 8 out of 10)

Japan's  Time Balm. I love it, but it's hard to find. I bought shade 152, but I find it too dark and I cant do anything with it because its highly pigmented and I have no other shades to mix it with. prolly next time I'll buy 151. I sold it to a friend and she loves it! I used it once and it really does cover like second skin. It's worth the price and this tiny jar can last for ages.

Revlon Age Defying Concealer
 (my rating: 9 out of 10)

Never a fan of Revlon products but this one is beeeaauuuutifuuuul! La-la-love it! It's the perfect match on my skin and it covers perfectly. Coverage lasts for half a day in the office, which is pretty acceptable because air conditioner fades out your makeup pretty faster than you are under sunlight. The price is reasonable and this tube can last up to 3 months (i used it daily). This is the last concealer I've used since I already stopped because my mineral makeup pretty much conceals everything already. This one is worth buying.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Snoe Awesome Poresome

The first time I saw this, I already fell in love with it. I got this at Salon 28 in Pacita where I frequently visit. I love the pouch, I'm currently using it as my makeup bag, big enough to store all the makeup I carry whenever I travel. The pore minimizing cleanser is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. It does my face so clean I often skip the step 2, the clarifying toner. The cleanser leaves a very cool sensation, feels really good.  :) I use the toner whenever I am planning to put makeup on, which prepares my skin for the next step. It's a great toner because it's non drying. I am naturally poreless but still, I use the pore perfect serum under makeup, to complete the process and to achieve a perfect finished look. Overall, I LOVE this set, I would definitely buy this again. :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

REVIEW: M2 Skin Refinish

To start with, let me share this information from the M2 website:

M2 Skin Refinish 20%
Eliminate all your skin care woes with one easy-to-use serum. This multi-purpose face treatment uses a high-potency combination of Mandelic and Malic Acids to rapidly even skin tone, reduce breakouts, and soften wrinkles. 50 ml.
In the evening, apply to clean, dry skin. Wait 10-15 minutes before applying moisturizer. Use only every other night for the first two months. If irritation or excess flaking occurs, decrease frequency of application or discontinue use. Daily use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 is required for best results.
Water, Mandelic Acid, Malic Acid, Algae Extract, PEG-8/SMDI Copolymer, Potassium Hydroxide, Artemisia Vulgaris Extract, Polysorbate 60, Isohexadecane, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Ubiquinone, Hyaluronic Acid, Corallina Officinalis Extract, Squalane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Polyacrylate, Dimethicone, Tetrasodium EDTA


Here we go, M2 Skin Refinish, formerly known as Mama Lotion, claims to reduce blemishes, wrinkles, pigmentation, etc. I've been seeing a lot of raves about it, here and abroad. This product is being carried only by one distributor (Jeuness) here in the Philippines and I dont know where and how they're selling it. But you can always order it through people who takes pre-order stuff from US and maybe you can check some online stores. 

This review is kinda late though, I finished my bottle 6months ago but I still wanna share my experience to you.

I was one of the lucky people who bought this for half the price and who has a perfectly working pump. If you would read other users' reviews, you'll notice that most of them complains about the pump. HAHAHA! Anyway, the first time I used it, I was soooo anxious I wanna see the results right away so I applied it 3x a day for 2 days. TeeHee! My skin went dry. I had to skip two days before I could use it again. So when I started using it again, I did it once a day before my moisturizer, and was it better! My face was always smooth and fresh, like waking up to a new skin everyday. Makeup looked better too. I had blemishes and scars from the breakout and that's what I was concerned about. It didn't clear my blemishes, nor it did lighten my scars, but my pores are always clean and it prevented me from having future breakouts. I also tried using it before OLAY Total Effects (a sample I got from my makeup class) and they were PERFECT together. Better than my usual moisturizer (was using Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion). However I do not recommend you to use M2 everyday, as per manufacturer's instruction. Apply it once a day, twice a week. If you're gonna ask if I'm gonna repurchase this again, HELL YES. I love waking up to a smoother skin everyday.