Friday, October 25, 2013

Obagi Week 1

Hello! It's me again. :)

It's officially my first week using the Nu Derm System. As I have previously mentioned, I've used different products to achieve a clear complexion but unfortunately, they didn't work for me. I can swear by the effectiveness of Differin + Duac combination, it cleared up my worst breakout but didn't do anything to lighten my scars. Then there's this much raved about M2 malic + mandelic acid serum which brightened my face but isn't good enough to prevent me from breaking out nor did lighten my skin.  So, to cut the story short, I wanted a product that works both ways. In this case, Obagi is the best pick.

After a week using the system here's what I've gone through so far:

- larger pores, blackheads are visible. 
- minor purging, didn't annoy me that much since I know that Retin A is doing its job.
- tightened skin on forehead, cheekbones and my delicate skin under the eye. 
- skin is bright, glowing, and much lighter after washing up (now I know how my skin would look like after the redness has gone! Eggzoiting! :D)
- micro peeling (or should I say, scaly snakeskin-like) on some parts of the cheeks and around the corners of my mouth on day 6
- some dark spots have lightened
- pink face the entire week. Can't wait for some major peeling to occur.

I am not expecting much drastic results on my second week. I'm actually nervous about what's gonna take place on the 3rd and 4th. According to other users, thats when most people give up, because thats where the pain starts. I'm not giving up though, I've been burned a lot of Those users who survived those weeks are also encouraging others not to give up, as there is no smooth journey to beauty. 

See you again next week! Hope to hear from you! 

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