Saturday, November 16, 2013

Obagi: Week 4

I. Am. LOVIN' IT!!!!!

I really, really do!!! 

This week, my skin is at it's best...though I know the best-est is yet to come. Minimal redness, dewy pale pink (like celebrity skin), and smoother than ever. I am starting to hate putting on makeup. Well, I still do, a pump or two of my Dermalogica moisturizer and a pinch of JewelPOP mineral foundie is perfect already. I tried putting on mineral foundation alone, and the effect is porcelain doll-like, surreal, and too perfect for me to handle. 

I really think that Paula's Choice 8% AHA boosts the effect. It goes well with my routine. I wish I could do the same regimen to my body...but that's gonna cost me a fortune. I mean, I really need to do something now about my body to keep up with my facial skin. Soon, I'll create an effective lightening regimen for arms and legs and I'll share it with ya'll. 

So, till next week! ❤️❤️❤️


Lara Lizard said...

I love products with AHA, too bad they are barely sold over where I live. I must hoard them when I go to Japan :D
x, Lara

Erica D said...

I do a facial every week! I love when I have great skin days!

I had no idea you were following me, I just saw you on GFC! Sorry for the delay in getting to your blog hun but I am following now and I will be sure to stop by again :)

Angel E. said...

found you through GT ;)
followed you sis!

Anonymous said...

I have always wondered if it works...I will have to try it.

RH said...

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